YouTube app for windows 8

Youtube8 is a free app for windows 8 you can search, watch, stream and share videos from YouTube. the interface is similar to any other windows store app. by using this application you will see most viewed, most shared, most discussed, top favorites, trending, recently featured videos, most popular and top rated videos

This app displays video published date, author, current view count number of dislikes likes and comments. Youtube8 does not start playing the video automatically, you need to click or tap the play button to start watching video. It offers all controls that would need to watch the video and even lets you change resolution.
You can search any videos using the charms menu and the results and neatly displayed with thumbnails and short description.

MegaTube-youtube App for windows 8
Youtube8 offers safe search, you can enable safe search if you don’t like to see videos that contain potentially objectionable content. Youtube8 is compatible with x86, x64 and ARM processors. you can watch the video in normal mode or full screen mode with controls. There is also a minimized version of the player where you can play and manage volume.
The only limitation of youtube8 app is that it can’t play video in the background. that is as soon as you switch to a desktop program the app automatically pause the video.

Best features of youtube8

Add your YouTube-account to show your favourites
Clear, simple and beautiful design
Background playing
Search on YouTube or watch videos from the standardfeeds
Share videos with your friends, family etc.


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