Google search app for windows 8

Google search app for windows 8
Google search app is the newest free app for windows 8, you can type your search item from the app home screen, so you can find the answers you need more quickly. The app features not just the regular a search box, but also a mechanism for voice input. Use your microphone to ask Google anything and see the answer instantly. Another important feature of the search app is that you can access all your favorite Google products from within the app with just tap of an icon. From this app you can watch images load into a beautiful screen grid and it also offers instant page views mode, you can browse search results without having to visit each page. and the app serves as a hub to reach other Google products such as Gmail, Google Maps, Google docs, Google drive Google + and Google voice.
Google search app for windows 8 is only works on the windows 8 running on x86, and x64 chips
Google search app for windows 8 is available on windows store.
Google search app for windows 8

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